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......@@ -14,9 +14,12 @@ AppInventor | Module to load into AppInventor. More to come over time.
Fritzing | Schematics and stuff
Bilder | Pictures of racers and events;-)
## Full API Docs
A full API Documentation is available [here](
## How to start
* Start reading the [{code}racer HowTo](
* Learn about the [{code}racer API](
* Learn about the [{code}racer API](
* Download the {code}racer Repo and install the IDE on your PC (see [CodeRacer HowTo Page.8](
* Installation of used libraries (see [{code}racer HowTo Page.10](
* Compile example (esp32_coderacer_beispiel) (see [{code}racer HowTo Page.11](
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